The First Tee of Lake Erie has partnered with

the LPGA-USGA Girls Golf Program!


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What does this mean for current participants?
Nothing changes for The First Tee of Lake Erie Classes.  What does change is that the girls in our programs now have more access, opportunities, practice time, and so much more!

Who will be coaching these?
Our very own Coach Amanda will be the Site Director and coach for our new Girls Golf program.  Amanda has been in The First Tee Coach Program for 3 years now and is a Level III coach.

How is The First Tee classes different from the Girls Golf classes?
The First Tee has the Nine Core Values and Healthy Habits that are the core of the program.  Girls Golf has the 5 E’s. (Empower, Enrich, Engage, Energize, & Exercise).  Both review and practice golf skills, etiquette, and rules, but Girls Golf is done in a way that is better for girls specifically.

What is the cost?
The cost is $50 for Girls Golf ONLY.  If you sign up for The First Tee of Lake Erie classes, you will receive Girls Golf for FREE.  There are also scholarships available to pay for these fees.

Will she learn the same thing if she does both The First Tee and Girls Golf?
The way that we are setting the classes up is that if you plan to do both at Inverness, she will learn and practice different skills in each so that there is an opportunity to learn and practice a wide range of things.

How do I Register?
Click Here to register!  If you’re registering for both The First Tee and Girls Golf, be sure to apply for “Financial Aid” in the amount of $50 when you register and it will be approved.